We are taking our Jefferson County Shoreline Master Program appeal to the Washington State Court of AppealsThe best stewards of the land are the people who live on and care for their homes and their property.


We believe that property owners have a Constitutionally protected right to use and enjoy their property in a responsible way. That includes the right to a reasonable amount of water for homes, food production, and raising livestock. We will not quietly tolerate any taking of those rights in the absence of an empirical showing of significant harm, and we will aggressively pursue regaining those rights that have been  abridged.


Representing the regulated community, we participate in processes where land and water use policies are set, provide technical assistance to landowners, and engage in litigation where necessary. We work to maintain a healthy environment with voluntary stewardship of our natural resources as the best alternative to overly prescriptive regulation.


We know that you are fully capable of providing the best protection of our lands for today and the future. Working together, we are developing and implementing the stewardship that puts effective conservation on the ground. Come and join us in our efforts to make them your own, then return to our site frequently for news on the issues and our activities.


Please join us and share your experiences, skills, and knowledge in all areas relating to property ownership and caring for our landscapes as property owners.


Eaglemount, looking north



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